http://www.americanlandlist.com was formed about 4 years ago by Mark Fielding Darden who has bought, developed and sold over 60 tracts of rural land in the last 12 years or so.
That's about 1000 actual lots, many of which now have houses we put on them. In that process his companies went from traditional newspaper advertising to sophisticated internet marketing. Along the way, he used (and still uses) other property listing sites online to help market his lands. It became clear to him at that time that he could build a better "mouse trap" and began the process of doing so. Today, American Land List, LLC prides itself as being the most user-friendly and least expensive site on line today. It is also first page Google in many search results. Please take a look at this lovely and easy to use site, with subscriptions from only $15 dollars a month. Unlimited Listings and Unlimited Photos too!!