American Semiconductor, Inc. is the industry leader in flexible integrated circuits and flexible hybrid systems development as well as a services provider to create flexible ICs. As an on-shore, ITAR compliant, flexible products and services provider, American Semiconductor supports all aspects of flexible hybrid design and processing. Services include FleX™ Semiconductor-on-Polymer™ chip scale packaging and engineering including design, verification, layout, test and FHE assembly services. Visit us at www.americansemi.com.

American Semiconductor is a registered trademark of American Semiconductor, Inc. FleXform, FleXform-ADC, FleXform-MCU, FleX, Silicon-on-Polymer, Semiconductor-on-Polymer, FleX-SoC, FleX-SoP, FleX-NFC, FleX-BLE, FleX-TM, FleX-ADC, FleX-MCU and FleX-IC are trademarks of American Semiconductor, Inc.

American Semiconductor offers a complete suite of engineering and manufacturing products and services that enable you to realize your product.