Today, more than ever, consumers are being drawn to leather as a home furnishings lifestyle.  American Leather has been on the forefront of this trend for more than 15 years. Founded in 1990, Dallas-based American Leather has brought both design and innovation to the leather upholstery manufacturing industry. The company’s products, delivered in four weeks, are made to order with a choice of 70 styles and 70 leather colors or 93 Ultrasuede® colors.

Specializing exclusively in the design and manufacture of custom-designed, fine-quality leather furniture, American Leather markets a broad wholesale line worldwide, and showcases its line in High Point, and out of the company’s showroom in Dallas.  In 2003, American Leather expanded its High Point showroom location to the Showplace Market Center, and also built a new factory headquarters in Dallas, with double the production capacity.

Bringing together contemporary, transitional and traditional furniture designs, the American Leather line is segmented into the “Continental Collection,” with unidirectional webbing, high-density, high-resiliency foam and hardwood frames; and the “Classic Collection,” which includes eight-way hand-tied suspension, down seat cushions and double-doweled hardwood frames.

In addition, the American Leather designer collection consists of original styles by some of the industry’s leading international designers, including Jena Hall, Rick Lee, Vladimir Kagan and John & Mark Mascheroni.  All styles are available as sofas, loveseats, chairs and ottomans, and many are offered as sectionals and as sleeper units.

To maximize quality and efficiency in manufacturing, American Leather has been one of the first company’s to adopt a cellular manufacturing approach, which combines state-of-the-art technology with hands-on craftsmanship, and is key in turning special-order products. In fact, American Leather is one of the only leather furniture specialists to utilize computerized, automated cutting systems in both leather and wood part fabrication.
Capitalizing on the company’s investment in innovation, American Leather has expanded its product offerings to include proprietary, patented and licensed designs in a variety of convertible sofa beds, recliners and motion products. This innovation has been introduced in the Comfort Sleeper series, the Style in Motion line and the Comfort Swing.
The Comfort Sleeper series, with the patented Tiffany 24/7™ convertible mechanism (patent #4737996), was introduced in 2000 as the industry’s first convertible sofa bed with a mattress of the same dimensions as a standard bed.
The Style in Motion series consists of proprietary line of sofas and sectionals designed as "tastefully-styled" motion furniture. Utilizing a patent-pending mechanism from Jack Hafkey and Clark Rogers, the Style in Motion line allows for electronic power reclining in an infinite number of positions, while maintaining stationary styles like “T-back” cushions, stationary arms and solid outside backs with no visible gaps between the motion seat and the stationary seat.  
The Comfort Swing® is a revolutionary relaxation seating design that produces the motion of a swing hanging from a tree.  The patented Comfort Swing technology, which was designed by Bradenton, Fla.-based Motion Technology, differentiates itself because the device creates the same arc as would a swing hanging from a 10-foot rope – generating a repetitive swinging movement, timed to the human heartbeat at rest.
American Leather distributes its line of furniture throughout the U.S., Canada and Mexico.  With over 750 retail partners in North America, the company has also expanded its line into Western Europe and Japan.