America’s Legal Connection is a national resource provider of affordable legal services.

Using both lawyer referrals and our own National Attorney Directory, America’s Legal Connection has redesigned an almost 70 year old approach for both individuals and group legal services.

By organizing the talents of experienced Attorney Affiliates and countless legal resources we are being positioned as one of the largest legal resource “hubs” in the country. The company is providing services and information for individuals and employee legal service plans.

The Purpose of America’s Legal Connection  

To provide free and discounted legal services using an affordable fee approach.
We provide free lawyer consultations and work to reduce hourly rates normally charged by law firms. Individuals may partake in an ongoing pre-paid legal service plan on their own or join in a discount group legal service plan through their employment benefits.

Access to attorneys to obtain legal assistance is not judged by income. All participants qualify to handle current legal issues or to help manage ongoing future legal matters. We do not use a forced contract approach. Individuals using the legal monthly services may utilize our resources freely and on their own terms of time.

America’s Legal Connection brings numerous legal resources to all users, regardless if they have enrolled in our monthly legal service plan.