For over twenty years, Amerikal has been providing the printing industry the chemistry needed to make their pressrooms a clean working environment. Genesis 950 Concentrate has been the All Purpose Cleaner chosen by printers throughout the world to remove ink from their equipment and floors.

For the first time, Amerikal is making this trade secret a public sensation. Not only will Genesis 950 Concentrate remove ink, but it is an All Purpose Cleaner that can take on the toughest messes. Whether you are an auto mechanic looking to find an easier way to remove grease, oil and tar, or a homeowner looking to eliminate a stain from your carpeting, Genesis 950 Concentrate is the cleaner you have been waiting for.

In addition to Genesis 950 Cleaner, Amerikal is revolutionizing the way we light our work places. Our LED lights can brighten up the darkest spaces while reducing your energy costs.