Ebikes appeal to all ages especially those who are environmentally conscious and want a clean, fun, affordable way to get exercise and save time. People think that electric bikes are for people who don’t want to exercise, but actually the opposite is true. People get electric bikes because they want to exercise more and be more active.

Some people don’t go cycling because they don’t have the strength to pedal up hills or are worried that if they go far away they won’t be able to make it back. For others, it’s health limitations, age or athletic ability. For those thinking about commuting by bike to save parking fees, it’s the inconvenience of arriving at their destination sweaty. Ebikes address all these concerns while facilitating exercise.

An ebike has the versatility of on-demand electric power to allow the rider to pedal as much or as little as they want. Americans are beginning to see the hybrid nature of ebikes - U.S. sales of ebikes in 2016 are projected to be more than double the ebike sales in 2015.

Amiani Cycle is blazing a new trail with next generation ebikes that deliver more speed, more torque, more range and real hill-climbing ability. The big advantage of the Kilimanjaro is its efficiency in climbing hills and fighting the wind.

Amiani ’s newest model, the Kilimanjaro™ two-motor, two-battery mountain ebike has more than sufficient power to solve all of cycling’s challenges. The Kilimanjaro has a top speed of 43 mph and delivers sustained propulsion on a single charge up to 30 miles; up to 50 miles in the hybrid pedal-assist mode.  The 21-speed Shimano derailleur gives the rider maximum gear-changing flexibility. The Kilimanjaro has a lightweight, yet super strong, aluminum alloy frame, as well as front and rear disc brakes and intuitive controls.

Amiani’s Indiegogo campaign is the U.S. launch of the Kilimanjaro.

Contact support@amiani.com for International shipping rates. California residents pay sales tax.

With a proven team of technologically savvy designers, engineers and manufacturing specialists, Amiani aims to be a trusted brand and one of the industry's most distinguished operations.  Our mission is to design and build top quality ebikes known for trouble-free high performance and longevity. Funds raised through our Indiegogo campaign will be used for R&D and manufacturing next generation ebikes.

The Kilimanjaro is being introduced on Indiegogo for a limited time at less than half the retail price. The Kilimanjaro ebike is not only an intelligent choice, it’s a badge of identity.

Built for success in this venue, Amiani blends strong design and manufacturing skills with a wealth of real experience and significant innovative accomplishments, including several patents.