Our unique Smartshoring® delivery model offers our clients the best of onshoring and offshoring, thereby ensuring that best qualified talent works on the project while delivering cost advantages, which is imperative in today’s highly competitive business environment.

Amnet provides the bridge from written to published, imagination to image, and intent to accessibility. Write, design, create, and dream — we have your back. Whether your audience is a specialized science or technology industry group, readers of mass market fiction, or shoppers looking for health and beauty products, we can take your words and images and make them marketable to each audience, most importantly those among us who face the challenge of disabilities.

We provide full-service publishing to Trade, Educational, and Scholarly, and Reference Publishers. Amnet also partners with advertisers, designers, non-profits, educators, and agencies on multichannel media production services: editorial, EPUB, typesetting, ad production, image manipulation, packaging, pre-media, and accessibility.