Ampliz, the best option to manage your database by yourself, in an easy and convenient manner. Our software package can help you in searching for data, verifying data, cleansing data, appending data, hosting data and in managing your database effectively and safely. No longer will you have to depend on outsourcing the service to another company that offers to manage your database for you. Ampliz makes it very simple to store and access your data whenever you want.

Why Choose Ampliz?
Centralized storage of data: Through our data hosting service we will make sure all your data is stored in one place which makes it easier to access
Safety of Data: By giving you a chance to handle your data functions in your own way, we give you a chance to maintain the safety and integrity of your data. Our secure servers add to the safety.
Easier and Faster data access:  By ensuring 100% accuracy, we ensure you get to access your data in the fastest and easiest way.
Increased visibility: Through our 7 million data records, we help you get in touch with your target audience all over the world, thereby increasing the visibility of your business
Improved data sharing: We can give you customized API applications that you can share with your customers and resellers, thereby giving them access to your data