Amzine prouds itself in imparting “PRACTICAL SKILLS” that are designed by industry leading professional providing instant ROI via advanced curriculum that is updated regularly keeping pace with changing industry needs.
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Amzine Advantage:
1. Practical Insights
2. Expert Instructors
3. Experience
4. Instant ROI
5. Industry Relevant Tools
6. Continuously Updated Curriculum

Courses Offered:
1. Accounting
– Beginner’s Basic Course
– Finance and Accounts including softwares like Tally, CATPRO, Busy
– Banking Knowledge
– Auditing
– GST Course* (Trending)
– Income tax return filing

2. Computer Skills
– Beginner’s Basic course
– Adobe Photoshop
– Corel Draw

3. Digital Marketing Courses : Increasing Online Presence

4. Excel® Training

5. Basic HR Course

We’re proud of people who give us their time and commitment. We’re looking for people who are ready to level up, who care to up-skill and re-skill with changing time and work demand. One thing we preach is that any learning needs focus, commitment, and consistency.

Do you resonate with us? Are you ready to take a leap? If yes. We hope you’ll join us.

Know more: www.amzine.co.in or reach out to us at +918968117000 or +917042771716

Feel free to Visit us: Amzine Institute,Backside City Centre Garden,Avtar Nagar Road,Jalandhar City,Punjab,144002