Materials Analysis and Technology (MA-tek) Inc.

World class company for Material Analysis, Failure Analysis, Reliability Testing.
International accreditation: ISO9001 and IECQ17025.
Guaranteed Quality (Precise, Accurate, Efficient, & Effective) and Confidentiality.  
Capable of Data Delivery within 24 Hours.

■  Company website:  www.ma-tek.com
■  Locations of  labs and offices:  Taiwan (Taipei, Hsinchu), China,  and Japan.
■  Contact:  +886-3-611-6678
■  Email:  sales@ma-tek.com, mkt@ma-tek.com  
■  FED-EX, DHL & UPS Courier for samples:  Customers from any place/country can send samples. Free courier service.

Services at MA-tek Inc Labs:  

(1) FIB Circuit Editing for Integrated Circuits  
(2) Root Cause Identification, and Corrective Measures
(3) SEM, HRTEM Imaging, Diffraction, EELS, EFTEM, & Analysis
(4) Physical Failure Analysis  
(5) Structure Analysis of Devices and Nanomaterials
(6) Electrical Failure Analysis (EMMI, InGaAs, OBIRCH, I-V, C-AFM)
(7) X-ray, SAT Imaging of IC, and Analysis
(8) Surface Analysis (XPS, SIMS)
(9) Raman, FTIR
(10) Laser and Chemical Decapsulation of IC
(11) ESD Testing and Design Services
(12) Reliability Testing (Variable Temperature & Humidity )
(13) Reverse Engineering
(14) R&D Project Services
(15) Third Party Verification Reports
(16) Au and Al wire Bonding
(17) Research and development collaborations  
(18) Intellectual Property Consultancy
(19) Quality Management Training Course  
(20) Purchase-Sale of used Scientific Instruments


■  2006 Elected as the Distinguished Enterprise by Industry Development Bureau
   (IDB), Taiwan
■  2006 Elected as the Taiwan Top 50 (#32), &  Asia Top 500 (#157) Fast Growing  
   Companies by Deloitte
■  2008 Elected as the best performance company of Industrial Excellence Award by
■  Industry Development Bureau (IDB), Economy Ministry, Taiwan
■  2009 Listed on Taiwan OTC market (3587)

Market and Shares:  

■  Taiwan Company Public OTC Listing: http://www.otc.org.tw/en/regular_emerging/corporateInfo/regular/regular_stock_detail.php?stk_code=3587

■ Reuters Finance Reports:

Industry Served:  
With all of the most advanced equipment & experienced technical team, MA-tek’s analytical service covers wide span of industries:

■  IC industry including Design Houses, Foundry Fabs, Packaging/ Testing Houses
■  Materials Supplier (Si, GaAs, Sapphire Wafers, Glass, CF, PCB)
■  Equipment Vendors
■  Solar Cell
■  Nano Materials
■  Academic & Research Institutes