Industry Focus

Analytiqa is a market analysis and business intelligence company providing published reports, custom research and consulting for multi-national clients across a number of industry sectors from Logistics and Distribution through to FMCG and Professional Services. Analytiqa works closely with its clients, building partner relationships based on trust and the delivery of high quality and commercially relevant research. Analytiqa's services correspond to client's demanding requirements, assisting with their business development and profitability objectives.


The logistics industry is a rapidly evolving dynamic sector, posting above average rates of growth. Consolidation is a driver of growth, with European coverage being a key target. In terms of business intelligence, the logistics industry is quite unique in that it possesses several layers:

(1) Service focused
(2) Sector focused
(3) Country focused

This is generally how our Analysts approach the market from an analytical point of view. A service-focused approach includes air freight, parcels, valued-added services and IT support (for example, understanding the role that reverse logistics can play). A country-focused approach includes individual country comparisons, pan-European trends and global region analysis (for example, Spain and Italy provide excellent areas for expansion, but how is the market structured?). A sector-focused approach includes individual sector analyses, sector performance comparisons and client acquisition support (for example the recent automotive downturn has impacted on some logistics providers, so which other sectors are prime targets in terms of both low outsourcing and margin potential?).

The Supply Chain

Analytiqa's Consultants understand the issues faced by Distribution and Logistics Managers within the Supply Chain. Our in-house team has the skills and expertise to provide timely, accurate research across all areas of the industry and works closely with manufacturers, distributors and retailers to meet their specific information requirements.

Research projects analyse industry segmemts in a number of different ways. Traditionally, generic research and analysis has been carried out by sector, vertical market or by country. However, Analytiqa's Consultants go beyond this to examine market trends that are specific to meet a client's exact requirements.

Research undertaken by Analytiqa is not restricted to use by logistics companies. Analytiqa frequently provides competitive intelligence, identifies potential suppliers or customers and analyses the impact of logistics activities on vertical markets. Food and drinks manufacturers, express, distribution companies and retailers all make use Analytiqa's research to further their understanding of trends and developments in the industry.

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