Career Intuitive and Award Winning Co-Author, Anastasia Montejano, ACC, CPIC, PMP is founder of the Conscious Reinvention movement. She stands at the forefront of a groundbreaking vision to see one million people realize their dream job by aligning with their destiny path.  She is creator of the Visionary Leaders Breakthrough Program where she teaches her signature 7 Keys to Reinvent Your LifeĀ® program.

In her latest book, Anastasia is featured alongside Marshall Goldsmith and Ken Blanchard in READY, AIM, EXCEL! which made the Amazon International Bestsellers list and received the Gold eLit Award.  Anastasia has impacted tens of thousands through her writing, speaking, events and coaching. As a featured blogger on Linked2Leadership, ranked a top 15 leadership blog in the world, Anastasia is leading the way for those who are ready to consciously reinvent to realize their biggest life and highest potential through the work that they do.  Visit www.VisionaryLeadersInternational.com to learn more about Anastasia.