Our people are more important to you than any piece of equipment. They can properly size equipment for your home, install it, and maintain it.

As a company, we work hard to keep our Comfort Specialist Badge™.

Rest assured, we service all makes and models. So make sure you choose the right people, and we will help you choose the right equipment.

Our Guarantees

• You will understand options, benefits, and costs up front.

• We will keep your home clean while we work.

• We will complete the job to your satisfaction.

• We warranty our work.
Emergency Service (24-hour)

If you have an emergency, call us now. 770-942-2873. A technician will return your call promptly in order to determine the degree of emergency and to arrange for the problem to be remedied as soon as possible. Of course, we encourage you to have us perform regular maintenance in order to make your equipment last longer and run more efficiently. Maintenance saves you money.
Diagnostic Service

For a charge of $89, our technician will diagnose the problem, explain the repairs necessary to correct the problem, and tell you how much those repairs will cost. We charge a flat fee in order to protect you from jobs that take longer than they should. With your permission, the technician will then complete the repairs on the spot.
New Equipment

You may be surprised that our estimators carry laptop computers. A key step that many other service companies leave out is taking the time to measure your house and perform a load calculation before giving a quote. This calculation helps us size the equipment properly for your house. Ask our competitors for their calculations.

Our technicians will show you the best options for your home and help you make a wise selection. We may be able to save you money instead of replacing your existing equipment with the same type of unit you now have. We have the expertise to either fully maximize your existing system or redesign your home with a system that fits like a glove. So you and your family can be perfectly comfortable in your own home.
Regular Maintenance

Maintenance allows us to make minor repairs and save your equipment from major blowouts…that cost you bigger money. If important parts are in questionable condition, we will alert you to potential up-coming breakdowns. In the meantime, you gain the confidence of planning for any important financial decision should a breakdown occur. Wouldn’t you rather double the lifespan of your units and keep your money longer?

Anchor’s service plan includes two visits to your home ahead of each peak season (Spring and Fall) for one reduced price. Your technician will work through a detailed checklist and inform you of your system status, and we will keep a log of your equipment history. In addition, you will receive priority scheduling and a 15% discount on parts and labor for any repairs or upgrades.

To secure your comfort with a service plan, simply call us at 770-942-2873 to schedule your first maintenance appointment. We will help you maximize efficiency, energy savings, and unit life. Regular maintenance will more than pay for itself.
Whole House Checkup

Beyond the equipment itself, an audit of the energy used or leaking in your house will allow you to conserve energy and money. Did you know that you could easily save 25% on your energy bills by identifying and fixing leaky ductwork? Make the money you spend to condition air in your home count. And put your savings toward retirement or the kids’ education.

A Comfort Consultant will meet together with you and the other adults in your home. Each of you have your own view of your home’s comfort, and you may be able to tell us about symptoms such as an unusually dusty room, a damp-feeling room, etc. We will also visually inspect your home for leaks, adequate insulation, and other issues that affect comfort.

The end result of our inspection is a plan to help you save money, reduce problems associated with your equipment, and maintain a healthier, more comfortable environment in which to live.