The problem we are addressing is the use of a static password to secure our online identities.

•     Usernames and Passwords can be Stolen
•     Account Takeover Fraud is on the Rise
•     Complex Passwords are Hard for Users to Remember
•     Breaches Target Usernames and Passwords

Our solution is to eliminate the need for passwords once and for all

•     Use the Smartphone to Authenticate; No Additional Hardware Required
•     Customizable Biometric Solutions; Voice, Fingerprint , Face Recognition
•     Works as a Single Sign On Solution for Greater Productivity in the Workplace
•     Saves IT Departments Time and Money; No More Password Resets

Our security and your privacy is paramount to us.

AnchorlD created a way to balance overlapping SSL Certificates with best-in-class network cryptography, PCl-standards, and Host Card Emulation (HCE) to eliminate multiple forms of cyber attacks. AnchorlD secures access to your accounts by creating a digital key for every application you use. That's why we work personally with developers to establish a separate algorithm to ensure end to end security.