Andrea Adams-Miller, MS, CEO & Founder of IgniteYourRelationships.com, & AvonleaPublishingCompany.com, “Ignites the Spark, Fire, and Passion in Relationships in Business or in Your Interpersonal Life." Andrea reveals the secrets to  sizzling, happy, and satisfying business or interpersonal relationships! For Corporations, Entrepreneurs, and Organizations, Andrea reveals how her relationship philosophy applies to the business world to create, retain, and sustain lucrative ‘REAL’ relationships with stakeholders. She shows you how to quickly and easily solidify loyalty with your clients, employees, partners, and vendors to achieve the business relationships you only dare to dream, desire, and deserve!

A professional, respectable, and highly sought-after business & relationship consultant, keynote speaker, best-selling author, and award-winning international radio show host, Andrea has appeared on print, radio and television, such as:  TIME Magazine, 20/20, ABC, CBS, NBC, FOX, PBS, and Business News Daily. She shared the stage with celebrity speakers Brian Tracy (Executive Trainer), Harv Eckert (Millionaire Mind), James Malinchak (ABC’s Secret Millionaire), Jack Canfield (Chicken Soup for the Soul), Stedman Graham (PR Executive), Anthony Hopkins (Oscar Winning Actor) and more...

Very few people can mix sex with business respectfully and professionally, yet, Andrea does this flawlessly as she understands that positive relationship practices start at home. Andrea recognizes and shows businesses that how employees carry themselves at home carried over into their business relationships. At the same time, Andrea reveals how both at home and in business, if you don't keep your partner/client hot for you, they will be checking out the hot new thing down the street whether it is another partner or another business opportunity! Either way, when loyalty is challenged, it is difficult to recover from infidelity and business infidelity! Let Andrea show you, or your business managers, how to keep the fire hot to keep lucrative partnerships for life whether it is in your business, your personal life, your relationship with the media or your audiences!

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