Andrea LaHue is best known as Random Act in the art world for her Cross Country Random Acts of Flower, where she paints GIANT FLOWERS “street art style” on transitioning buildings on 'Main Streets' across the United States of America, 51 cities and counting.

“I painted quietly in my studio for years. In 2006, when the economy faltered, I started hitting the streets, flowers for the people, I thought.” – Random Act

Engaged in the emerging Street Art Movement, Random Act has garnered a unique reputation for her hand-painted giants and uplifting message.

LaHue has been mentored by great artists such as James Hayward and Andy Moses and has collaborated with CYRCLE and others.  Her work appears as the character Lily’s painting on the FOX prime time show, How I Met Your Mother, her satirical political paintings, the CNN series, were covered by the Associated Press and appeared in newspapers worldwide, she was mentioned in renowned art collector Richard Wiesman’s book, From Picasso to Pop, as an artist to watch for and her work hangs in The Children’s Hospital Los Angeles.  LaHue donates her work regularly to national and international charities and has shown in New York, Los Angeles and Paris.

Painting all her life and calling Los Angeles home, LaHue was born in Vicenza Italy to a US Military family.