At PromoHelp our brief is simple. We want to help restaurants to succeed. We are a small team of dedicated professionals, passionate about food, who know from experience that it takes more than a good chef to make a successful restaurant. Even when you get everything right, it’s no good unless people know about it.
Few establishments these days have the resources to hire expensive marketing consultants. And that’s where we come in. Our goal is to help restaurants help themselves by making available a range self-help marketing resources at minimal cost.
We hope you will find the site useful. We will be constantly adding to the content, updating it to bring you fresh ideas.
Andrew Howarth, founder of PromoHelp, is an international chef with more than twenty years experience in hospitality, including running his own restaurants. He was trained in the UK where he has worked in a variety of hospitality roles and has spent several years abroad in Portugal, Italy and Australia where he ran highly-popular cooking classes, including a workshop with celebrity chef Ross Burden.
For most of her career, Dorothy Williams has been an accountant whose clients have included pubs & restaurants. She has written several training manuals and produced a series of successful video-training packages on various aspects of taxation. Now living in France, Dorothy has turned her talents to writing, editing and web-site design.
Sara De Grazia is in the final stages of completing a PhD  in chemistry, part of which has included food science. In addition to her photographic skills (many of her photos are  used throughout this site), Sara plays an active role in menu development and testing.
Our marketing consultant, Hugh Williams, is a former Finance Director who  has also spent many years in sales & marketing. Hugh has been closely involved with the growth and development of a variety of businesses, including a number of hospitality outlets.