Ane Amour doesn't set an identity for women to adhere to; instead it offers women the ability to create their own identity, to express their own unique personality even as that identity changes from day to night, or day to day, Ane Amour encompasses women’s every mood and feeling.

Ane Amour is for free thinking women. Women who are bold in their choice to not be placed in a box. They express their own character in a joyful, courageous and confident demeanor.

Ane Amour is not a brand for women who want to be told what to wear, how to wear it, and what it should be worn with. Ane Amour is for the woman who wants to express creatively who she is, and convey the different facets and moods that she lives through. The woman dictates her own identity not the brand.

Ane Amour offers high-quality garments, proudly made in NYC.