Angel Me Personalized Memorial Wings signify the transition of your loved one from earth to heaven. Each angel wing is handmade with premium feathers, specially treated to remain flawless forever. These angelic wings display beautifully in all memorial services, creating a soothing, uplifting atmosphere. We offer several lettering color options to coordinate perfectly with flowers.

Since Angels represent spiritual beings created by God, we thought it befitting that wings could put an uplifting perspective on the transition from the physical life into the spiritual life.  The further personalization of the wing serves as a permanent marker for the one who is no longer with us in the physical sense, and that we would always have a visual reminder of the new life of our loved one.

AngelMeWings are a great gift idea to anyone who has ever experienced a loss.  They present well at all family gatherings, atop a mantle, shadow boxed and hung prominently anywhere; as well as a christmas tree ornament! (The small keepsakes makes great ornaments).