About Angel Whispers:

All the services offered, blend the discipline of the "Gifts of Spirit" combined with academic knowledge. 
Angel Whispers offers decades of knowledge, skills and experience.
Services are delivered with essential life values and vital work ethics.
Angel Whispers is a balanced blend of academic knowledge, life experience and a sacred connection with Creation.
The services provided to individuals and corporate groups are designed to support sustainable development in the whole person.

Certifications and Memberships:

Registered: as a Traditional Worker with Health Canada.
Certified: Traditional Healer with the First Nations Technical Institute.
Consultant: Manitoba Provincial Initiative, with the Igniting the Power Within Project.
Counseling Support Worker: Ahkwesahsne Mohawk Board of Education.
Advisory Group:  Haldimand-Norfolk District Health Council and Advisory Committee to End Family Violence.
Suicide Prevention Advisory Group member: Assembly of First Nations and Health Canada.


An educator, healer, facilitator and counsellor, Doreen has over four decades of applied experience across a range of human service areas.
Doreen South is owner of Angel Whispers  established in 1993,  ordained in 1995, certified in Traditional Healing in 2002.    
She is active in her community at the grass roots level and a strong advocate of healthy change.  Doreen has accumulated a number of years working on advisory committees for Health and Social Services local/provincial/federal.  
Doreen has delivered workshops for the Ministry of the Attorney General, Burlington Social Services and Seneca First Nations Directors.  
Doreen is an active volunteer in her Community.

Services Available:

Natural and disciplined Connection with Spirit:
    Suicide intervention,
    Medical intuition,
    Relationship building,
    Dream interpretation,  and,
    Ancestor communication.
Emotional Healing.
Energy Work.
Ionic Body Detoxification.
Workshops - Holistic and Corporate

Service Commitment:

Creating acceptance in multi-cultural and multi-racial communities.
Committed to and practicing healthy life values.
Establishing partnerships with mainstream practitioners.
Over 40 years of knowledge, skills and service.
Confidentiality guaranteed.

Philosophy and Style:

Soothing Voice.
Trust and openness.

Target Audience:

Individuals and small groups.
First Nations.
Healing Programs and Service Delivery Agencies.
Mental Health and Addictions Programs.

Service Results:

Increased sense of worthiness.
Stronger connection with Spirit Identity.
Healthier relationship with Self and Others.
Deeper rapport with Creation.
Improved ability to sustain wellness.
Ongoing personal growth.

Past Clients:

Assembly of First Nations
Conestoga College
First Nations Technical Institute
Health Canada
Jobs Ontario – Retraining Centre
Norfolk General Hospital
Mohawk Council of Akwesasne
Whitefish River First Nation


Chief Franklin Paibomsai chief@whitefishriver.ca
Dorothy Green, Midwife and Community Health Professional,  Mohawks of the Bay of Quinte dlougreen@yahoo.ca  
Sandi Howell, Provincial Coordinator Essential Skills and Prior Learning Assessment and Recognition Program, Government of Manitoba showell@gov.mb.ca
Ernestine McLeod, Wellness Consultant at Mississauga First Nation,  lmcleodelladr@msn.com
Louise McDonald, Traditional Clan Mother, Community Health Leader, Mohawk Nation Council of Chiefs, Akwesasne,  louise.mcdonald@akwesasne.ca
Additional references available upon request

Contact Information:

Doreen South
Angel Whispers
452-4 Morris Street
Sudbury, ON P3B 1B9
Tel: 705-670-9926
Mobile: 613-930-5855
E-Mail:  doreensouth@me.com
Website: ww.angelwhispersconsulting.com + personal testimonies.

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