Angela Davis PR & Editorial Services offer an entire range of editorial services including writing features, speeches, website text, award submissions, press releases and  commercial copywriting.  Words can be very powerful and can convey a lot about your organisation; its products or services, its culture and integrity.

No matter how large or small your organisation is, written communication and getting the right message across with clear and lucid text is vital. You may want to tell the world about a great new innovative product by posting it on your website for potential exposure to a global audience. You may just want to tell people closer to home that your company has just raised £500 for charity by issuing a press release and getting it published in the local paper.

Whatever the story is you want to tell, its impact can depend on the language, tone and eloquence used in your narrative and relevance for its intended audience. Angela Davis PR & Editorial Services has helped a range of SME clients heighten their media profile by offering an affordable, efficient and friendly service.