Explore with urgency this heartbreaking expose into the short-lived, horrifying existence of our animal friends. Dare to confront and challenge a worldwide compassion deplenished mindset.
"Compassion Is A Choice All Animals Have A Face, Feelings and A Family "
by TE Sutton
Cover Artwork by Jordana Ivy

With 19,000 people going vegetarian everyday, people and animals getting sick from what they eat, environmental problems, animal abuse, endangered species and other serious issues, this is information that anyone (vegetarian or not) should be aware of. As those who occupy this planet cannot continue to keep their blinders on. While this book won't convince everyone to become a vegetarian or vegan, it will open their eyes as to the benefits of it, for both animals and humans. TE Sutton went out of her way to go over her own personal details as to why she decided to stop eating animals, start helping them, in turn helping her own self and countless others. She firmly believes she is a better person for it. She believes that you will be, too.
At long last there is a call to arms, a code of ethics if you will, for all who want to create a better life for animals while improving the health of humans. This young author will touch your heart and conscience as she shares how she evolved into a cruelty-free eating and living lifestyle. The journey will bring both tears and smiles. All who view the dramatic presentation of animals on her website will be transformed into a kinder, gentler person. And you'll likely find yourself on a new and personal mission once you've read this most soul-searching account of what goes on in both the commercial and private world of animals. You, too, will want to share how it feels to cry happy tears after you've helped rescue just one animal or helped change a law and saved thousands from torture. Follow your heart and join the movement. The rewards you'll receive will be endless. And you'll sleep better each night knowing you did a very good thing for the animals.
You did not just stumble upon this news story today. Perhaps you have come across it for a reason? If everyone will share what they have learned (from this book) with others in their lives, many lives will be changed for the better. Thousands of animal lives will also be saved. **Purchase your copy of Compassion Is A Choice by TE Sutton today. Help yourself and the animals to experience a more promising tomorrow.
**A portion of the proceeds of all eBook sales goes to Saving Shelter Pets, Inc. See details on website. ###

Website Link: www.compassionisachoice.com

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