We provide practical support for IPO preparation, N-1, N-2, and N-3 stage companies from the standpoint of their respective positions, including business inventory, reorganization of regulations, synchronization of authority of duties and systems, establishment of internal audit systems, sales management, customer management, sales recording, receivables management, and credit management, in accordance with listing standards. We provide practical support in accordance with listing standards.

There are example below.

[Visualization of Business Processes]
We visualize your company's organization, operations, and roles by extracting and visualizing your business processes.

[Identification of Business Issues]
Identification of business issues based on visualization of business operations.

[Solutions to Business Issues]
We will propose and advise on the most effective means to address your business issues.

[Effectiveness Measurement]
We will measure the numbers before and after the issue is resolved. We can see if we have overcome the issue or if other issues still exist.

[Cost Reduction Support]
By resolving business issues, a system that increases operational efficiency and results in lower costs can be realized.

[Recruitment Support]
We conduct interviews regarding the current state of recruitment, identify and resolve the causes of inability to attract customers, and form a recruiting team.