The Cetacean Summit is a monumental gathering and celebration of people who have a deep Spiritual connection to Dolphins and Whales.  Cetaceans have been influencing humankind throughout the ages, and now they seem to be exploring every possible avenue to guide and inspire humanity at this pivotal moment in our Planetary Evolution.  
Our very diverse Council of Presenters have all dedicated their lives to exploring and deepening a Human-Cetacean relationship -- each in their own unique way.  At the Cetacean Summit, these Presenters will share the many gifts of the Dolphins and Whales with the participants!  
Cetacean Summit Presenters:  
Joan Ocean                                    Laurie Reyon & Puddah
Linda Shay                                     David Rosenthal
Joebaby Noonan                             Mary J. Getten
Roberta Goodman                           Madeleine Walker                      
Frédérique Pichard                          Celeste Eaton  
Scott Taylor                                    Donna Kassewitz
Jillian Rutledge                                Muriel Lindsay
                 & Anne Gordon de Barrigón
There will be:
Wisdom Presentations | Guided Meditations | Group Healings | Water Blessing | Dolphin & Blue Whale Trips | Dreaming & Drumming with the Dolphins | Sunset Whale Watching Dinner Cruise | Fun Activities | Dolphin Dance Party
For more information or to schedule an interview with any of the Cetacean Summit Presenters:
Contact: Anne Gordon de Barrigón, co-founder
Anne@CetaceanSummit.com   Phone 661 474-4111