CHAMPS Academy: Kids Confidence & Achievement Coaching provides confidence coaching to children all ages. CHAMPS Academy founder and kids confidence expert Annette Du Bois has direct experience working with children for over 10 years.

CHAMPS Academy focuses on providing kids with proactive solutions to overcome life's challenges. Confidence is the key to unlock a child's true potential in life. Children today are finding it really tough with 1 in 10 young people admitting they struggle to cope with the pressures of modern living.

Peer pressure, social media, body image issues, social skills and general life's challenges are created an anxious generation.

CHAMPS Academy follows a unique 5-step system to help kids be their best
1) Body Confidence - the importance of physiology
2) Inner Chat  - positive self talk
3) FAST (Flexible Attitude Strength Training) Building resilience, coping with change
4) 3 C's to Relaxation (Calm, Control, Collected)
5) Do It! (taking action)

Coaching includes simple, fun and interactive exercises, activities and techniques which can be practised at home and when they need it.

CHAMPS Academy: Kids Confidence & Achievement Coaching gives kids the tools they need to achieve and succeed.

CHAMPS Academy is an international operation with fully trained and insured CHAMPS Academy: Kids Confidence Coaches in the UK and worldwide.