Telling The Truth Has Never Been More Fun!
HONORING AWARDS: Send colorful awards anonymously to honor those who inspire you or those you care about who may need a boost or send one to honor yourself! Awards may include a gift card with the giver acknowledged if you want. All awards are Full color or Elegant Gold foil, perfect for framing!

Absolute Keepsake Treasures!

SASSY AWARDS: Send funny, sassy awards anonymously to those whose choices you find challenging and want to wake up! They’ll keep you laughing! Go to the bathroom BEFORE you read these!

HONESTY LETTERS: Send an Anonymous Honesty Letter and express your emotional truth! Explore our FREE insightful processes and examples for effectively telling the truth in a wholesome manner and promote healthy win/win communication. Cut and paste from our therapeutic examples, send love songs, love poems or write your own Personal Letter and leave the Anonymous, First class delivery to us!

"The anonymous gift is an invisable act of power because it carries no expectation or obligations. It seems to have special potency for enhancing creative energies for people, both givers and recievers."

Carolyn Myss: Invisable Acts of Power