Antelink is a French software vendor specializing in Software Life Cycle Management and Open Source Component Detection. An INRIA start-up, founded in 2009 by open source advocates, winner of the OSEO 2009 creation and development prize, and supported by CDC Entreprise.

Antelink manages the world’s largest knowledge base of open source components, Antepedia, which has over 2 million current projects and 1,000 more added daily. Antepedia continuously aggregates data from various directories that include Google Code, Apache, GitHub, Maven, and many more. These directories allow Antepedia to consistently grow as the world's largest knowledge base of open source components.

Antepedia helps companies protect and secure their software assets, by providing a multi-source tracking solution that assists them in their management of open source governance. This implementation of Antepedia allows organizations to reduce licensing risks and security vulnerabilities in their open source component integration.

Our solutions enable our clients to reduce software development costs, limit the legal risks linked to the use of open source components, and secure their applications.

Our goal is to offer our clients a new way to work within their software factory by managing the integration of open source components.

Our Values

At Antelink we produce software following a rigorous agile development process, by taking extreme care of quality, and paying a lot of attention to our client feedback. We strongly believe that working in a professional and fun environment is good for innovation.

Our Work Environment

Our favorite tools are our MacBooks, Git, Maven, and the Atlassian suite.
Our favorite open source projects are Maven and other Apache Foundation projects.