The Most Innovative and Flexible Document Management Solution Available

Antera has had tremendous success developing and implementing solutions to allow businesses of all types to benefit from advanced technology managing data. Antera’s Link ECM system provides customers the ability to integrate content with any application, while taking advantage of all best-in-class products currently in use.

Unlimited user licenses make Antera’s Link ECM System unique in the ECM community. Unlike systems that charge for each user with client access licenses (CALS), Link ECM is designed for unlimited users.  You no longer have to limit the licenses purchased to meet budgetary restrictions.  With Link ECM you have the ability to add users at will.

With the current economic conditions driving most companies’ software decisions, Antera provides a welcome advantage with the integration of systems based upon open license technology. If your specific needs are only data related and Enterprise Content Management (ECM) is all that is required; or if your business’s specific needs require more such as CRM, ERP, Workflow or Web applications; either way Antera can assemble the technology to meet your needs.