The traditional label for the modern age

The roots of the Anthoni Crown brand date back to the “good old times“. But, in spite of this venerable, traditional background, the label has long since arrived in the modern age with its exclusive ranges of belts, purses and handbags. With its innovative products, the company is repeatedly setting new standards for experienced insiders.


The family-run business with its headquarters in Hamburg knows how to combine fashion and function.
The company is market leader with its high-quality, infinitely adjustable leather belts. The unique belt buckle is protected by a patent issued by the German Patent Office. The buckle dispenses completely with the normal pin and there are no punched holes in the belt.
A European patent for the exclusive “underpass“ design where the end of the belt remains completely invisible has been applied for in 2010.
The noble label embodies innovative taste; there is an impressive range of creations in a variety of colours and in exceptional leather designs.
The great thing is: All trend articles are available as sets. The wonderful belts, the beautiful purses and the stylish handbags – all coordinated harmoniously.

What makes us so special?

The beautiful belt buckles from the Anthoni Crown designers are legendary. Glittering paste-gems, filigree patterns, glamorous glazing – every piece is an absolute eye-catcher full of magical attraction. With such a unique piece, everyday life automatically becomes a catwalk.
The handbags are an expression of an independent lifestyle. One sees that the owner takes life lightly. It is a cosmopolitan message against the serious side of life and the eternal sceptics. The charm and purity of the design makes a woman’s heart beat faster. One immediately feels the passion, love and care that have gone into each individual piece. A great deal of effort and commitment is necessary to constantly fulfil the aesthetic and emotional wishes of a demanding target group.
The purses are not only bought because of their excellent functionality. There is a living spirit in each of these small things which teams up with the owner to counter the unimaginativeness of everyday life.

Clever marketing mix

The optimal combination of marketing instruments is a further ingredient in our recipe for success.
In its product and contracting policy, Anthoni Crown focuses uncompromisingly on quality – from production to marketing. The fundamental basis of our success is the excellent cooperation at eye level with the specialised trade. Our business partners are offered attractive delivery and payment terms, a consistent price policy and excellent services and guarantees.
Under its distribution policy, both indirect and direct sales channels are used. The trendy articles are sold through private fashion boutiques, men’s outfitters, and mail order firms. Customers set great store by quality and are prepared to pay high prices.
Anthoni Crown is convinced that the success in the retail trade can in future also be transferred to the on-line business.
Classic advertising from print to cinema and television advertising, presentations at fairs such as at the “in-house” exhibition I.L.M. in Offenbach or the participation this year in the opening show of the Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week in Berlin, sales promotions and continual PR work with selected fashion media – all this boosts the high growth potential not only on the German but also on international markets and ensures the growing awareness level of the noble brand.


Meet Anthoni Crown at your nearest fashion boutique, in our exclusive showroom in Hamburg’s prime location or in the World Wide Web.
You will find a world map with selected business partners and our current collections on our homepage www.anthonicrown.com.