My name is Anthony Lancaster. I am the owner, CEO and writer of Anthony Lancaster Writing, an up and coming as well as aspiring writing business with over 17 years of experience in all writing categories, to include blog writing, article writing, content writing, forum writing, childrens book writing, short story writing, novel writing, poetry writing, song writing, script writing and screenplay writing. I am currently working alongside Grow To Be Magazine as a blog writer, feature article writer and an ad seller. I am also working on my first book as well as the creation of my own online magazine publication entitled AL-DUB Magazine. The focus of my website as well as the magazine publication is to bring writers, editors, publishers, copywriters, proofreaders, advertisers and promoters, whether aspiring or established, together in order to benefit the world from our writing. The main target of the magazine publication is schools, colleges and institutions world wide as it will benefit the next generation in assisting them in achieving their goals and becoming the future kings and queens of our world. Writing is everywhere, it's time we bring it to the forefront and assist those aspiring and established with becoming more than tey ever thought possible.