Antonia "Dr. M" Martinez, PhD – “The Inner Power Doctor” – is an expert in Life & Relationship Transformation, Meditation, Metaphysical Psychology, and Personal Alchemy.

She empowers people from the inside out to make major breakthroughs in areas where they have been chronically challenged, stuck, stagnant or stifled. Dr. M’s ground-breaking work in the field of achieving breakthroughs combines a unique blend of eastern, western, indigenous, and original techniques for clearing subconscious blocks, breaking unhealthy patterns, ending chronic cycles of underachievement, and mapping personalized breakthrough paths toward clear goals.

Dr. M has authored several books, games, and wisdom cards, including the Healing Man Healing Woman card game, the Inner Power Workbook, and the Magical Attraction & Manifestation Toolkit, among others. Dr. M developed the Meditation Instructors Training program for the Inner Life Society in 2007 and teaches the meditation course at the The City College of New York.