Besthomehealthcare – Home healthcare solutions
The site acts as a web-based resource center for facilitating home care solutions to senior citizens and other such care seekers. Two types of users can avail the site’s facilities: Service seekers and service providers- individual and agencies. User can maintain and share medical history, daily personal care routine or search for nearest care provider.

PHP 5.2
MySQL 5.0
PHP, Zend framework 1.5, AJAX, Zend view, Zend Cache, Zend router, Zend layout, Jquery
DHTML calendar, Wordpress
AXICOM for background check
Paypal recurring payment
SEO friendly urls
Tableless, CSS driven
IE 8, IE 7. Firefox 3 and above

Virtual Shopping Mall

The site is basically an e-shopping mall wherein buyers can visit the site and select products from any of the available brand/store. The store owner(s) can set up his products in a customized way to appeal to his target online users. He can also let the user buy products from vending machine set up at his store. The site’s unique feature is the flash-based interactive user interface.

PHP 5.2, Action Script version 2
MySQL 5.0
Modular PHP based on OOPs
Paydollar payment module


Vacation rentals club
The site facilitates the users to search for vacation rental properties in desired destinations. The property owners can post the availability and local details and the users can search and select their locations on the basis of available choices.

PHP 5.2
MySQL 5.0
Joomla 1.5.14
Money bookers, Paypal, Plimus
Google Map API
Table and CSS
IE 7 and above, Firefox 3 and above, Google Chrome, Safari