Dublin born artist Aoife Joyce is a self taught Artist currently living in Ballylynan, Laois. She spent most of her childhood living in the lush lands of Connemara, Co. Galway, enjoying the beauty, freedom and magic it offered. After moving back to Dublin over ten years ago, Aoife kept with her the colour and vibrancy that she loved being surrounded by while growing up in 'Joyce Country'.

Aoife’s style is used as an escape, as she did as a child, however in slightly a different way. The fantasy and imaginary worlds she goes to in her paintings are not to escape life but to escape to something different for a while, something or someplace unreal and magical. Being in these magical places is what brings out the faces and scenes depicted her paintings. Anything from a different world intrigues her, as it is the not knowing if these faces or places could be real that is exciting and mystical.

Aoife's paintings and drawings offer a diverse selection to viewers. Her inspirations are that of the fantasy and imaginary worlds. This inspiration brings mystery with colour and vibrancy into her pieces. In recent years Aoife has become experimental with regards to portraits and enjoys using varied colour to invoke a sense of energy in her work. Acrylics have become her favourite medium while painting.