AONIA is an integrated marketing agency based in Singapore with global affiliates that provides clients with Marketing and Sales solutions encompassing Events management, Public Relations, Advertising, Multimedia production and Web Development.

AONIA was created with a Vision: To excel as a best practices Integrated Marketing firm that attracts, develops and rewards the best talent, and that can contribute to the Environment, Society and Charity.

Since our inception in 2002, we have amassed extensive team experience serving clients that include Multinational firms (SHELL, ELECTROLUX, CITIBANK, GALDERMA, etc), Government bodies (IRAS, MAS, STB, CPF etc) and Non-profit organizations (aLife, SATA, Asia Society, etc). As AONIA continues to improve our suite of integrated marketing services, ever watchful for the latest marketing trends and practices, we look forward to growing along with our clients and partners through providing a level of service excellence second to none.

Our Mission is to help clients Market to the World, integrating the best combination of Marketing tools to meet our customers' needs creatively and effectively as their Architects of ExperienceSM. This means delivering positive and measurable results for our clients in every project with Panache and Passion.