Apersee is the premier system for selecting e-discovery providers and their offerings. It puts the e-discovery selection process in your hands, letting you create your own customized rankings of e-discovery providers and offerings, based on your unique needs.

Apersee was developed by George Socha & Tom Gelbmann, the minds behind the Socha-Gelbmann Electronic Discovery Survey and EDRM, the Electronic Discovery Reference Model.

To create Apersee, we started with the lessons learned from 7 years of conducting the Socha-Gelbmann Survey. We deconstructed our data collection system and rebuilt it from scratch, designing every facet specifically for Apersee. We retooled our ranking model too, and the result is the Apersee Selection Engine, an instrument designed to let you create your own unique offering and provider rankings.

We tied the Apersee Selection Engine tightly to the EDRM framework, adding a new EDRM Alignment graph showing where each provider and offering fits within the EDRM framework.