Apex Online Development, LLC was founded in 2002 by Mr. Duff R. Dorschner and in 2006 Mr. Daniel J. Schwarz became a co-owner.  The business was spun out of Mr. Dorschner’s environmental health and safety business, Apex Analytics, Inc.  The technology and expertise was rolled into Apex Online Development, LLC to empower the end users and other service providers with the most innovative tools available in the industry.

The Apex group has leveraged over twenty years of environmental health & safety experience into the creative process that make our products unique. Unlike other products that were created by outsiders, we have used field experience and direct feedback from our clients to create practical and easy-to-use products that meet specific industry needs. We do this by combining the power of the Internet and mobile computing. Our patent pending technologies and methods link key procedures and eliminate redundant processes, thereby streamlining overall workflow.

Mr. Duff R. Dorschner
Mr. Dorschner is Founder and President of Apex Online Development, LLC.  A relentless outcome-focused innovator, Mr. Dorschner combines twenty plus years of field environmental health and safety experience with a long history of driving efficiencies through established technology.  Mr. Dorschner is responsible for product roadmap and business development.

Mr. Daniel J. Schwarz
Mr. Schwarz is Co-Owner and VP of Technology of Apex Online Development, LLC.  A Microsoft Certified Professional with over 15 years of professional software development experience, Mr. Schwarz has a successful track record of building software to streamline and transform legacy business processes in manufacturing, retail, life science, and other industries. Clients have included 3M, Best Buy, Johnson & Johnson and nonprofit organizations.  Mr. Schwarz is responsible for software development, operations, and customer support.