A+ TutorSoft, Inc. is committed to closing the achievement gaps in math for our students by providing multi-sensory and interactive suite of learning tools that is easily accessible by all students and teachers – around the clock, around the world.
The goal of the A+ TutorSoft, Inc. is to help students of all ability and grade levels reach their educational potential by offering expert instruction that is engaging, easy to follow and easily accessible. Using a proprietary learning platform that combines voice, engaging visuals and text-based instructions, it makes learning math easy. Centered on the proven methodology of a test-grade-review cycle, A+ TutorSoft's instructional platform delivers personal, highly-effective, and expert instructions.

Our Products:
* Adaptive Placement Testing w/ Individualized Lesson Plan
* Single Grade Level Online
* Family Math Packages Online
* Single Grade Level CD Software (Windows PC)
* Supplemental CD Software
* Books & eBooks

Our Markets:
Our Math curriculum and testing products are designed to serve the following markets.
There are an estimated 2.5M homeschooling families in the USA alone. The founder has a long history of working with the homeschooling families. Currently our products are primarily used by the homeschooling families. However, we have just begin to capitalize on this market. Within a short period of time, we have gained a significant traction in this market. We now have two of the largest homeschool retailers selling our products as well. We have hundreds of very positive product reviews as well as customer testimonials. We have a significant growth potential in this market.
School Market – Charter, Private and Public Schools
We are in process of creating a separate portfolio and a separate website to specifically serve this very large market segment. We do have a handful of individual teachers using our products with their classroom students. We have also given demonstration of our products to several charter school and private school leaders with a significant interest in our products. We will be ready to devote more marketing resources to this segment starting late Spring 2015. Based on the feedback received, we are confident that we will do very well in this market.

Independent Users
There are a number  of independent parents and student users using our products to supplement their classroom learning. They use our products as self-paced and self-directed “tutoring” program. Although, we do not have precise numbers, we believe that there is a significant opportunity in this market segment as well.