There's a lot more to Aplus.Net than simple web hosting.
The Company:
   * Established in 1992: 15 years of operation
   * Headquartered in a state-of-the-art facility
   * More than 300 employees in 3 offices worldwide
Our Customers:
   * More than 200,000 customers
   * More than 400,000 domains registered
   * More than 6,000 dedicated server customers
   * More than 13,000 websites designed since 2003
Need to sell safely and effectively on the Internet? Need a full-service and dependable IT department for your business? Whether it's Website design or dedicated server hosting, Internet security or eCommerce and online marketing, Aplus.Net is the only online partner you'll ever need.
Aplus.Net is a division of Abacus America, Inc. established in 1992, and has been in the Internet Services business since the commercial start of the Internet.

Top Technology, Secure Data Centers and Infrastructure: 99.9% Uptime GUARANTEED!
We mean it when we say: Your Aplus.Net service is secure. We back up that claim with a 99.9% uptime guarantee. Our fully modernized, state-of-the-art data centers in San Diego and in Phoenix use the best and most reliable brands: Our data storage is Seagate, our network runs on Cisco, and our servers are based on Intel products. Click here for a tour of our data center.

One Phone Call, One Bill :No Hassles
Our mission is to provide a versatile and dependable one-stop online hosting and marketing shop for the small business entrepreneur, and eliminate the need for you to deal with a host of different online vendors. We don't outsource any of our services.

24/7 Customer Support : with a hold time of less than 30 seconds!
Many companies claim customer service is a top priority. We prove it with live 24/7 toll-free phone support. Plus, our average hold time is currently less than 30 seconds. We challenge you to find a competitor who has comparable hold times - or who will even reveal theirs.

Dependability Through Longevity
Aplus.Net has been providing Internet services since the commercial start of the Internet in 1995. When the dotcom market crashed, we didn't sell our customers to a larger company like so many others. We stick with our customers.

Gabriel Murphy, President and Chief Executive Officer
Before joining Aplus.Net, Mr. Murphy enjoyed success as co-founder of several SME start-up firms. He was a co-founder of Kansas City-based web hosting firm CommuniTech.Net, leading that company's growth from a $1,800 investment to more than $8 million in revenues. At the time of its acquisition in 2002, CommuniTech.Net was regarded as one of the most profitable hosting firms with 16 consecutive quarters of revenue growth and profitability, as well as $1.8 million in EBITDA (exceeding 35 percent in margins).

Ryan Elledge, Chief Operations Officer
Ryan Elledge joined Aplus.Net as Chief Operating Officer in July 2006, bringing more than eight years of experience in web hosting-related industries. Prior to joining Aplus.Net, Mr. Elledge served as Director of Operations of CommuniTech.Net from July 1999 through January 2003, where he had direct oversight of the company's management and day-to-day operations. Following the acquisition of CommuniTech.Net by Web.com (formerly Interland), Mr. Elledge coordinated and directed the successful technology migrations of multiple acquired web hosting firms into the CommuniTech.Net facilities in Kansas City, Missouri.

Alexander Yevelev, Senior Vice President of Sales and Marketing
Alexander Yevelev joined Aplus.Net in early 2008 as Senior Vice President of Marketing. An accomplished sales and marketing expert specializing at maximizing revenue and productivity while also reducing internal costs, Mr. Yevelev brings to Aplus.net two decades of high-level experience. He has held prominent positions with industry leaders in managed hosting, exchange hosting, eCommerce, international trading, and more.