ApolloFx has become the leading Forex brokerage in Europe and the UK providing managed account services as well as proprietary FX strategies. With all round licensing and regulation, ApolloFx provides its fund management services ensuring clients funds are safe and secure at all times. With a pool of liquidity from tier1 banks, ApolloFx provides amazing trading conditions with no re quotes, or delays in execution, all of these combined with raw spreads and an STP/ECN model ApolloFx trading conditions are unrivaled in the industry.

With a combined experience of over 48 years among its seasoned professional traders, ApolloFx manged Fx Account services easily outperform any other.

The Goal is to provide diversified funds for all participants as such at ApolloFX there is smaller fund called the MINI ACCOUNT FUND to cater for even the man on the street looking to earn long term and sustainable returns from the FX Markets.

Knowing fully well that the world of managed accounts is marred by scams and fishy games, ApolloFX was built on the bases of combating that vice, and ushering in transparency and trustworthiness among its current and future clients.

Unlike many funds, ApolloFx doesn't charge its clients any management fees, remuneration is performance base as their interest is aligned with those of clients.

A spokes man from ApolloFX said 'We only eat once our clients have eaten their fill' Our goal is to make Our FX funds the most attractive and sustainable Funds in the world of asset management and alternative investments'.

ApolloFx is inviting all members of the forex community to test and verify their Managed Fx Account services.

Though like every other investments, there is a risk of loss, at ApolloFx, strict risk management protocols are observed to adhere to regulatory compliance as well as company policies which stands at a Max of 10-30% as specified by every client.

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