"Working with Government, Fortune 500 Companies, Education, and Private Parties for Over Two Decades"

"Apollo Productions masters, advertises, duplicates and distributes HDTV Digital Multimedia, DVDs and Motion Pictures...for all occasions"

“AAR Digital is the Apollo Productions recording label entities...since 1990"

"AAR Digital also produces short, experimental loud electric music scores, special effects tracks and soft acoustic stringed instrument soundtracks in most genres for use in Apollo Productions HDTV videos, web sites or movies."

"Spartan Metallurgical is mining engineering, consulting, investing, cybernetic research and development...since 1985”

* Government Liaison to Top Leadership

* System Safety Engineering Services

* Multi-Billion $ Contract Aquisition, Qualification and Test

* Technical Multimedia Promotion Guru

* HDTV Entertainment and Motion Picture Advertising

Space System Safety, Music Composition, Stunt Action Acting, Blu-ray & DVDs, Test Engineering, High Tech Consulting, Mining Engineering, Precious Metals, Intl. Trade & Finance, Perf. & Govt Bonds, Camera Operation & Cinematography, Documentary, Commercial and Movies, Advertising and Promotions