AppABCD is a Virginia-US based startup company focused on mobile app development targeting multiple different demographic user bases. Company today announced their very first mobile app, ‘Christmas Slots - Xtreme Casino experience this Holiday Season’ under Games category in their mega launch.

AppABCD highly focuses on UIX (User Interaction and Experience) and strive to make their apps simple, full of fun (games) and extremely useful (apps).Company’s founders have more than 15 years of experience in software development and they have established fully functional outsourcing channels to help them develop & support their apps round the clock around the globe. AppABCD’s first app is launched today, and they already have second one in the pipeline to be published in a couple weeks. Over the next few months users can expect to see exciting, unique and varied games and apps from this new developer.

“It’s amazing how fast AppABCD has made such a remarkable progress. It was on founders mind just about two month ago and now here they are announcing launch of their first app. Their vast experience, local and outsourcing channels have helped them amazingly transform their idea into reality in remarkably short period of time” said one of the early users of the beta version of the game.