Appaloosa Rehoming Resource, Inc is a non-profit, charitable organization formed for the following purposes:

•     To assist in rehoming Appaloosa horses in need of new homes, whether due to already being starved or neglected, or to prevent starvation and neglect, due to owners' inability to care for the horse(s). Financial assistance may be provided for hay and grain, transportation costs to a new home, placing horses in temporary homes until permanent homes can be found, emergency veterinary care, humane euthanasia, and other disbursement of funds when and where the life of an Appaloosa horse might be in jeopardy.

•     To provide a resource to the public for placing individuals in contact with owners who have an Appaloosa horse needing a new home,

•     To offer programs to educate horse owners regarding responsible horse ownership and to provide information to the public about horses in need.

•     To provide temporary aid in the way of emergency funds for hay and grain, when a horse owner is facing imminent, or is in temporary crisis caused by such unforeseen circumstances such as fire, illness, job loss, etc.

Funds for the Appaloosa Rehoming Resource come from donations through various means (fund-raising events, corporate sponsors, grants, gifts,  etc.).

Appaloosa Rehoming Resource functions with Bylaws & a Board of Directors.

Appaloosa Rehoming Resource is incorporated as a State of Ohio non-profit & donations can be made as to a 501(c)3 corporation.

Donations can be made to the Appaloosa Rehoming Resource via Paypal.

We would like to express our sincere gratitude to our Appaloosa Rehoming Resource Sponsors, Donors and Supporters. It is the dedicated support of these caring corporations, professionals, & individuals that enables Appaloosa Rehoming Resource to grow & be able to help horses in need through direct aid & owner education. We encourage our members & vistors to patronize these corporations & businesses. Thank you for your caring & support.