Appliance Foundry (www.appliancefoundry.com) is a specialized Software Appliance company focusing on IBM and Open Source software. We provide an installation that allows you to quickly get your IT infrastructure up and running. Choose the version that’s right for you:

* Appliance Foundry Physical Appliance:  We ship you an IBM eServer configured to your specifications, and pre-installed and pre-configured with the requested software.

* Appliance Foundry Virtual Appliance: You download a VMWare image from our secure servers of the requested software, pre-installed and pre-configured. Can be ready for download in as little as 5-7 days.

* Appliance Foundry Amazon Machine Image (AMI): Request one of our AMI's listed on Amazon Web Services Solutions Catalog.

Appliance Architectural Design Goals - Our Software Appliances were built with the following architectural design goals:

* Designed for vertical and horizontal scalability.
* Designed for continuous availability in the event of server outages.
* Designed for the easy configuration of incremental capacity, availability, and performance through additional appliances.
* Designed to provide reliable Application execution across heterogeneous operating systems.
* Designed with a full implementation of tools and support utilities to support day-to-day operations.
* Can be configured to meet the security requirements for the Defense and Intelligence government markets.
* Can be integrated with monitoring and provisioning software like IBM Tivoli or Computer Associates.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q. Who would want an appliance?

A. Customers and Business Partners of IBM Software who…
* Find the initial installation and configuration of the IBM Software to be time consuming and complex.
* Face tight deadlines for project delivery and need the infrastructure put in FAST!
* Want a well-architected infrastructure put into place “day-1” that is easy to deploy, manage and support.
* Want to work with thought leaders, who have extensive background with IBM Software, and have practical experience maintaining & operating IBM software infrastructures.

Q: How does it work?

A: Our goal is to configure the IBM Software to meet 90%+ of the typical requirements that customers have of IBM Software.   Using best practices provided by the product InfoCenters, along with Redbooks, White Papers, and IBM DeveloperWorks articles, Appliance Foundry has distilled them in a pre-installed, pre-configured IBM Software appliances.  Appliance Foundry has appliances for the following IBM Software products:

IBM WebSphere Application Server Network Deployment
IBM WebSphere MQ
IBM WebSphere Message Broker
IBM  Tivoli Monitoring
IBM Support Assistant
IBM Systems Director
Appliance Foundry is a registered IBM Business Partner.

Q: How do I get started?

A: Contact Appliance Foundry today at contact@appliancefoundry.com.

About Us
Appliance Foundry was founded by ex-IBMers who believes that IBM Software should be pre-configured with industry best practices and delivered to you as an appliance you can plug it into your infrastructure and get working.

Appliance Foundry is a registered IBM Business Partner and have IBM certified solution designers and IBM certified product engineers on staff.