Applied Energy Partners is one of the fastest-growing energy consulting firms in the country and the premier energy procurement specialist in the Mid-Atlantic region, providing our clients with independent expertise to help them secure the lowest price for their energy.

Our source of competitive advantage is The Energy Exchange, our proprietary, two-stage procurement process designed to go from initial bids to contracts within 24 hours. The Energy Exchange creates intense competition among suppliers to ensure that our customers get the best possible energy solution. Unlike traditional energy brokers, we don’t only deliver the so-called “lowest price” – we share every price, including every supplier, every contract option, and every available term length.

Here’s how it works:

We partner with a client to evaluate their energy needs, and we issue an RFP to our comprehensive network of suppliers. On average, more than a dozen suppliers compete for the contract, and the client evaluates the bids and chooses a contract type and term length. The top suppliers re-bid within one day, and a final bid is selected by the client. The suppliers all have equal opportunity to win the bid, and the client always receives the best price for their situation.

We serve more than 250 clients nationwide and manage more than 1 billion kWh and 3 million decatherms of energy annually. For more information, visit www.appenergy.com.