We're the firm that travels the road with you and finds the right path for you each step of the way. AFG's Life Cycle Wealth Management Process helps assure that your financial strategies keep up with where you are and take you where you want to go.

From the initial stages of starting a family and establishing a business to succession planning and retirement programs, our team will work with you to accumulate and protect your wealth.

We're the firm that has the flexibility and savvy to stay the course. We manage your financial programs so that they reflect your needs and prepare you for each stage of your financial life.

The AFG Life Cycle Wealth Management Process helps assure that your financial strategies keep up with where you are and take you where you want to go.

•Our unique, problem-solving approach to wealth management translates into smart and practical strategies that help meet each stage of your life's changing objectives.

•Our tax-leveraged strategies enable you to avoid the pitfalls while enjoying the benefits of the tax system and the ever-changing rules that can impact your finances.

•Our practical, macroeconomic strategies guide you in developing comprehensive and flexible financial strategies that will help maximize your wealth accumulation, minimize your risk and anticipate crucial end-of-life estate decisions.

You have worked hard and made sacrifices. Many people in your life have both relied upon you and offered advice. We are the firm that financial professionals turn to for the highest level of experience and skill when it comes to planning for you and your family's retirement.
While many financial advisors focus myopically on just wealth accumulation and "chasing returns". We will guide you and your advisors to see the bigger picture. We will shape your financial strategy with an acute knowledge of business, tax and asset protection concepts. We will truly maximize your ability to transition your accumulation plan into your distribution plan seamlessly and efficiently.

Estate Planning
While it is common for successful people to focus more on their own business than on their estate plan, it also can be tremendously expensive. People avoid preparing their estate plans for many reasons. None of those reasons are as good as the reasons to address the transition of wealth to those that you care about as soon as you possibly can.
There are high level strategies that can prepare you for the future without having a negative impact on your current lifestyle. In fact, if done right, preparing your estate plan can actually improve the lifestyle that you and your family enjoy.

Do you know; The implications of constantly changing tax laws on your current and future wealth?

How you may benefit from the proper distribution of assets during your lifetime?
The cost of not properly preparing yourself, your business, family or estate for a tragic event in your life?

We are experienced in estate planning and many estate planning advisors engage us to resolve these issues.

Financial Strategy
What differentiates financial advisors is their knowledge and integrity. The people at AFG and our philosophies are what drive our quest for the optimal strategy. We strive to solidify your trust in us as a valued advisor for the rest of your life.
We have been where you are. Over the past 20-plus years, we have helped many people who faced similar challenges that you face and have similar objectives to what you seek. When you trust your and your family's financial future to someone, it should be someone with our vast experience and knowledge base.
You need a financial strategy that is flexible and an advisor that is capable of anticipating your evolving needs, managing the constantly changing tax laws and protecting you in the landscape of a volatile marketplace.

We are a unique, tax driven practice, especially qualified to deal with the tax implications of wealth accumulation, wealth distribution, estate planning, charitable planning and business financial strategy.

Let us help you design the best plan for you, your family and your business. We're the firm to call today so you can stop worrying about tomorrow.