Current research indicates individuals affected by ASD, ADHD, depression, and anxiety who participate in physical activity programs demonstrate significant gains in their self esteem, self efficacy, social, communication, and physical skills.

Apt Fitness, Inc., understands and is addressing the silent autism-related barriers by bringing together a network of like-minded medical, legal, and social services providers to demonstrate how exercise can be used in lieu of costly medications.

Apt Fitness, Inc., was founded by the first openly autistic litigation paralegal in Florida, to empower autists by creating a healthy environment for them to thrive. She understands the necessity of such an environment as she overcame many types of discrimination within the professional and higher educational arenas. Every individual should be given the tools and opportunities to succeed in his/her personal and professional lives.

To learn more about services, how to donate, and how to join the Apt Fitness network, please visit the website www.AptFitness.org or contact Apt Fitness via email apt@apt-fitness.com or phone 407-900-1610.