Our Story

Apulus is a Hong Kong registered Limited Company specializing in software development and technological solutions. Robert Ewbank and Niklas Karlsborg founded the company in November 2014. Since then, Apulus has grown rapidly and now has a global reach, with clients in Europe and the Americas. It is proud of it’s roots in Cambodia and remains determined that its knowledge and expertise can benefit both the local community and increase Cambodia’s technological capabilities.

Co-founder and General manager Niklas Karlsborg states..

“We really have the feeling that 2016 will be our year. After years of developing our software platform, LiveBlox we finally are at the point where we will be ready to release this year. I really believe LiveBlox has the potential to change peoples lives “

LiveBlox is a software platform that puts groundbreaking technology into the hands of the ordinary user. Apulus has also started a website development department that will focus on the growing demand on custom built websites. Co-Founder and Technical director Robert Ewbank says…

“…website development has been a surprisingly interesting area to go into. After clients came to us with a problem others seemed unable to solve, we have found that our knowledge of software development really helped us to develop great solutions for them. ”