Arcadian Projects Inc. was founded in 2007 by Luke Shantz and James Neeb as an alternative energy company and is a Licensed Electrical Contractor. Arcadian strives to be a premier solar energy installer and maintenance provider for our customers across Southern Ontario. Arcadian Projects brings 15 years of electrical, mechanical and project management experience to each project, creating a leading edge on providing quality integrated solar energy services.

The Arcadian team is well versed in both technical and management processes, utilizing this to focus on both corporate and personal goals for renewable energy. Arcadian provides flexibility and a willingness to work with our clients to perform efficient, cost effective and safe installations.

When Arcadian delivers turn-key solutions to your solar energy project, it means that one company will work for you from start to finish. Arcadian will provide you with a quality renewable energy generation project that you can be proud of.

Arcadian Projects is pleased to be able to provide our clients with both quality products and superior services. An evaluation of your proposed site will allow us to produce a complete overview of your renewable energy generation project. We will recommend the appropriate system for your location, and provide a cost and productivity analysis to assist with arranging financing and serve as an indication of expected revenue generation for your specific solar photovoltaic system.

We are able to provide you with any assistance needed in applying for the FIT or micro-FIT program, and work with all program partners, including your Local Distribution Company (LCD) and the Electrical Safety Authority (ESA) as required by the Ontario Power Authority for the completion of the project.

Arcadian has several product options available to provide you with a quality micro renewable energy project that you can be proud of. Specifically designed for your site and your situation, your solar energy system promises to be a valuable long-term investment.

Whether roof or ground mount, fixed or tracker, Arcadian stands behind its products and offers warranty for system wiring and parts, as well as the installation of the system itself.