ArcheBooks Publishing

First of all it's pronounced "Ar'-kah-books" as in "Archetype" or "Architect," not "Archie-books" (for you comic book fans) not Arch eBooks, nor Arch Books. It's one compound word, not two. "Arche" is the Greek root for the word "First" as in First Editions, i.e. original works.

ArcheBooks Publishing is an independent commercial trade publisher of original Hardcover Editions, our own proprietary paperback ArcheBookZine, and eBooks.

ArcheBooks employs the latest, and most advanced Digital Media and Content Management technologies to produce both printed and digital content.  The benefits of doing so enable:

    ·  Our Titles to be produced more rapidly, not waiting years for release dates

    ·  Our Titles to remain In-Print and Available for Years not Months

    ·  Our Titles to be very Competitively Priced

    ·  Our Titles to be Fully Returnable by Booksellers

    ·  Our Titles to enjoy full National and International Distribution

    ·  Our Titles to Enjoy Prestigious Reviews and Industry Recognition

    ·  Our Authors to Enjoy Vast Promotional, Media and Publicity Opportunities

    ·  Our Premium Formats to be Distinct from the Trade Paperback and Mass-Market Paperback markets (meaning less direct competition and greater product differentiation)

Our Hardcover First Editions are 1st quality, premium, cloth-bound, 6" x 9" page format, with full four-color process dust-jackets.  The ArcheBookZine is an 8.25" x 11" magazine-styled fully unabridged novels.  Our eBooks are digital editions of our titles, downloadable in Adobe Acrobat Reader (PDF) format, and also many of our titles are made available to Amazon's Kindle library.

Our publishing goals are to introduce to the market a conservative number of high-quality original works.  We maintain a highly professional and carefully "hand-crafted" approach to the release of each and every new title.  Each book goes through a rigorous formal editorial, revision and production process.  We don't publish any works "as is" from an author.

Our books are distributed nationally by Ingram Books and Baker & Taylor, internationally by Bertram's in the UK, and  via our own website for the US, Canada, and UK markets. Our books are also sold online via this website, as well as from Amazon.com and BarnesandNoble.com and many other online retailers.