Arema Connect is a contact centre specialising in call answering, email handling, live chat support and social media support.

Arema Connect delivers excellent customer management services across multiple channels using the latest technologies. We provide multi-channel customer service management across email, social media, SMS and live chat. We provide telephone answering services that cover everything from standard call handling through to ticket sales and Emergency Response lines. In all cases we deliver constantly improving customer service with warmth, courtesy and professionalism. We effectively become part of your business, delivering a seamless service to your customers on your behalf.

Learn more about each of our excellent call management services:

- Email handling – We monitor and respond to incoming emails from your clients so they get a fast and appropriate response.
- Live chat support service– Live chat is a great way for your customers to find out more about your products and services while they are visiting your website. Arema Connect manages your live chat requests so you can provide real-time response to visitor enquiries.
- Mobile response management – over 90% of the UK’s population carries a mobile phone and text messaging is often the most convenient form of communication. Arema captures incoming SMS requests and ensures a fast response.
- Social media customer support – We provide a complete service for handling customer requests and enquiries via social media including Twitter and Facebook.
- Multi-channel customer support – Customers want a consistent quality of response from you whether they contact you by phone, email, social media or SMS. Arema Connect has the technology to provide integrated contact management across multiple phone and internet channels.
- Telephone answering – we ensure your customers get a fast, professional response to their calls 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.